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Nitro-Music Rumble #10 "S1 Finale"

Tittle: "Upbeat Drawings!"

Description: "As an aspiring animator I should know how to make music for an animated movie right?...right?...anyways here is a happy song, it probably doesn't fit the movie feel I was going for, but I was fun to make. Inspired a little by the Adventure time soundtrack, but I was mostly improvised."

Nitro-Music Rumble #9

Tittle: "Broken Lifts"

Description: "During the early 2000's, this was the biggest mall in the country, but nowadays its is only a shadow of what it used to be, this audio was recovered while exploring this forgotten location..."

Tried making a calming Lofi song for an elevator, but I guess this is a different result.

Nitro-Music Rumble #8

Tittle: "Nothing is wR0nG hEre.mp3"

Description: "[There is nothing wrong, N৹tHinG i₷ wRʚnG ʯEr₠].

This is the tale of someone who got trapped on their own dreams (and nightmares). 

Inspired by many weirdcore/dreamcore tracks. This is my first time using 3/4 properly. Also for some reason I made another song that the best part is at the end?"

Nitro-Music Rumble #7

Tittle: "Random race"

Description: "Wanted to try a bass synth I like a lot and fits a lot the racing theme, I imagined it as a small sci-fi race, song inspired by various Waterflame songs, but more specifically "Lightspeed" and "Body Jammer" (time signatures marked in the youtube description)"

Nitro-Music Rumble #6

Tittle: "Pixelly landscape"

Description: "Put together in the last day, so not the most polished thing in the world, got inspired at first by Agrobacter by Danimal Cannon, though due to the rush to make this, I made a totally different thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

Nitro-Music Rumble #5

Tittle: "Musical Constellations"

Description: "In some games, crystal caves are represented as this place were slowly music starts building up as you travel, so I thought what if I apply this concept to space (Obviously I know you can't hear in space), also used a lot of synths I hear as "Sci-fi",  also a I always use a square wave".

Nitro-Music Rumble #4

Title: "Undertale but it's a chiptune song"

Description: "Always wanted to remake/remix an undertale song, and this jam was the perfect excuse to actually do it, so I made a chiptune song just because it's my favourite genre of music (and the one I'm more familiar with).

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